Are you about to have an interview in English?

We know that stress too well. That’s why we won’t let it get in your way to that dream job or university. Using proven methods, we will teach you how to become a convincing interviewee, regardless of position you are applying for.

How does
the Interview Prep process work?



Apply for a 90-minute long session with one of our instructors


Send us your CV/cover letter and describe the position you are applying for


Our instructor analyzes your CV’s/cover letter’s strengths and weaknesses


You confront your knowledge of the job you are applying for with the instructor


You learn how to prepare a consistent and logical statement about yourself


You learn how to answer tricky interview questions


You learn how to use your voice and body language


You learn how to ask the HR recruiter questions


You participate in a mock interview
You confidently wait for your job interview and get your dream job!
Disclaimer! If you are expecting a difficult job interview (law, finance, banking, capital markets), we suggest at least two 90-minute meetings.

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free video-consultation

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Use the next 60 seconds to book a free 15-minute consultation with one of our experts.

Free 15-minute consultation with one of our experts

Each interview prep meeting is led by a native speaker of English. We can assure you they will spot all nuances that bar you from getting your dream position.
90 minutes Before 2 pm (CET) After 2 pm (CET)
2 (or more) meetings 49 EUR / 90 Minutes 49 EUR / 90 Minutes
1 meeting 49 EUR 49 EUR
On Saturdays 49 EUR 59 EUR

Please apply sufficiently in advance. Registration within less than 72 hours (3 days) before the lesson will result in an extra fee (10 EUR). Registration within less than 24 hours (1 day) will result in an extra fee (20 EUR).

Registration and payment reserves consultant’s time. Payments are non-refundable in case of client’s absence or cancellation.

They will prepare you for your upcoming interview.

Camilla Higgins

Specialization: Business Interviews

Camilla Higgins (USA) has graduated from the prestigious George Mason University. She is a professional English teacher with long experience of work with individual clients, schools and companies. She has gained experience in recruiting from both sides of the aisle. Nothing can surprise her. 

Camilla is an expert in all kinds of international work environments and Business English. If you apply for a job at a foreign company, an international corporation, or a position which requires a certain level of English, Camilla will be your best choice.

J. Patrick Higgins

Specialization: Academic Interviews

J. Patrick Higgins is an interdisciplinary scholar and English instructor. He specializes in topics in the fields of law, economics, history, sociology, philosophy, and political science. He has degrees in economics and sociology from George Mason University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He is currently involved with the Faculty of Law and Administration of the the University of Lodz.

Academia is Patrick’s natural habitat. If you are applying for an academic job or Ph.D. program, and don’t know how to stand out in the sea of other candidates, Patrick will be your best choice.

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