We have prepared 4 types of English courses for you. You get to choose which linguistic skills you want to improve. If you’re not sure about your strong and weak points in English, our instructors will identify them during your first lesson for free!

The Center For American Studies is the only educational institution where you can freely switch between the types of courses you attend.


Learning English from books may teach you grammar, but it can also lead to a stiff and overly formal manner of speaking. Our informal lessons will be especially useful for those who already have basic command of English and want to learn practical communication skills.

During our engaging exercises you will learn to talk about everyday life, culture and your own passions. Our instructor will point out what you can improve to sound more natural and spot your mistakes in real-time so that you will avoid them in the future.

Private and informal discussions with your instructor will increase your confidence and listening comprehension. Informal lessons are also a perfect way to improve your American accent and get closer to a native speakers’ style of communication.

Our motto is simple: maximize practice, minimize theory. That being said, a deep understanding of grammar, syntax, and pronunciation could be necessary when it comes to your career or studies.

During our formal lessons, you will learn all the necessary concepts and how to use them when speaking and writing. You will learn the rules and exceptions in English, and then practice your knowledge based on real-life examples.

At the end of each lesson, you will get the opportunity to use your knowledge in practice by building sentences and participating in dialogues. You will grasp English visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically.

Formal lessons are perfect if you want to improve your writing and reading skills or need help with ongoing tasks that require English skills.

You have every right to feel frustrated once you get a decent knowledge of General English yet still struggle with specific areas of English.

Are you going to attend an English-speaking conference or present in English in front of your team? Do you have an official document, offer, essay or article to write? Do you regularly have to deal with (difficult) clients from abroad?

We know that each situation is unique. This is why we are ready to adjust each course to individual needs.

Business English, Legal English, Academic English, and Formal Writing are the most commonly chosen specialized lessons. If you have any other specific needs, contact us! Send us an e-mail!

Are you planning to study or work abroad? You will probably need to pass the TOEFL, IELTS or one of the Cambridge exams (CPE, CAE, FCE). We will prepare you for each part of all exams: Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking.

Do you need to improve just one or two of the skills mentioned above? No problem. Our teacher will identify your strong and weak points so that you can sleep peacefully before your exam.

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At regular language schools, specialized and exam prep courses are usually more expensive than General English. At the Center For American Studies, all courses come at the same price!

90 minutes Before 2 pm (CET) After 2 pm (CET)
2 (or more) times a week 49 EUR / 90 minutes 49 EUR / 90 minutes
1 x a week 49 EUR 49 EUR
On Saturdays 49 EUR 59 EUR
60 minutes Before 2 pm (CET) After 2 pm (CET)
2 (or more) times a week 39 EUR / 60 minutes 39 EUR / 60 minutes
1 x a week 39 EUR 39 EUR
On Saturdays 39 EUR 39 EUR

* Please register for your lessons in advance. Registration within less than 72 hours (3 days) before the lesson will result in an extra fee of 9 EUR. Registration within less than 24 hours (1 day) will result in an extra fee of 19 EUR.

*Registering for a lesson is equal to reserving a particular instructor's time. Payments are non-refundable in case of a student’s absence or cancellation.

Do we have discounts for the determined to learn? Sure we do!

Buy a larger package and get discounts:
  • 12 lessons (in 3 months or less) → 5% discount

  • 24 lessons (in 6 months or less) → 10% discount

  • 36 lessons (in 9 months or less) → 15% discount

  • 48+ lessons (in 12 months or less) → 20% discount

*You can purchase your package any time during your individual course schedule. The exact discount depends on the frequency of your lessons. If you decide to attend lessons more often than once a week, the price per hour will be lower (see price list above).

1st example: If you decide to purchase 12 lessons in a package, scheduling 2 lessons after 2 pm a week, your price is 39 EUR per hour.

2nd example: If you decide to purchase 12 lessons in a package, scheduling 1 lesson after 2 pm a week, your price is 39 EUR per hour.

Are you interested in a lesson package discount? Send us an e-mail!


J. Patrick Higgins

English Instructor & Interdisciplinary Scholar

Specialization: Legal English, Academic English, Formal Writing

J. Patrick Higgins (USA) is a multidisciplinary academic and English instructor. He specializes in topics spanning the fields of law, economics and political science. He has graduated from George Mason University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He is currently involved with the University of Łódź, Faculty of Law and Administration.

Mr. Higgins has years of experience as an English instructor, specializing in Legal English, Academic English and Formal Writing. He has edited a number of books and articles on law, economics, history and society. If you write contracts and official letters as a lawyer, work on your own publications as a researcher or have to create documents in Formal English – Patrick is your perfect choice!

Camilla Higgins

English Instructor

Specialization: General English (Formal & Informal), Business English, Exam Prep

Camilla Higgins (USA) has graduated from George Mason University. She is a professional English instructor with long experience gained through working with individual clients, schools and companies. She hosts both formal and informal lessons and lessons preparing for certification exams (IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CPE, CAE). She is also a Business English and professional business communication expert. 

Although it is important to Camilla to teach you formal rules of English, she will definitely step out of the textbook English which for native speakers may sound stiff and overly formal. During interactive lessons, her aim will be to teach you how to really use English in everyday life (at work, at school or with clients). Camilla always makes sure to create a friendly and practical learning environment.

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