Do you want to create an English CV (resume) but you don’t know how to do it efficiently and stand out from hundreds of other applicants? Need a cover letter that will open doors to your dream job?

Creating a coherent CV and a convincing covering letter is an art. Unlike painting like Pablo Picasso, this art can be mastered by anyone!

How does the
improvement process work?



Apply for a 90-minute long session with one of our instructors


Send us your CV/cover letter and describe the position you are applying for


Our instructor analyzes your CV’s/cover letter’s strengths and weaknesses


Our instructor proofreads your CV/cover letter and provides feedback


You adjust your CV/cover letter to the position that you are applying for


You learn the tools to make your text esthetic


You choose those points of your education which matter to your future employer


You learn how to present your achievements rather than listing out tasks and duties


You learn expressions which will improve your CV both quantitatively and qualitatively


You learn to present your skills attractively


You learn patterns for effective cover letter writing


You self-adjust your CV/cover letter and send it back to the instructor


Our instructor does a final proofreading and provides final feedback


You send your CV/cover letter to your future employer and confidently await your job interview!
Disclaimer! If you are expecting a difficult job interview (law, finance, banking, capital markets), we suggest at least two 90-minute sessions.

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Use the next 60 seconds to book a free 15-minute consultation with one of our experts.

Free 15-minute consultation with one of our experts

Each consultation is held by a native speaker of English. Even if your CV or cover letter will be read by Americans or Brits, you may sleep like a baby.
90 minutes Before 2 pm (CET) After 2 pm (CET)
2 (or more) meetings 49 EUR / 90 Minutes 49 EUR / 90 Minutes
1 meeting 59 EUR 59 EUR
On Saturdays 59 EUR 59 EUR

Please apply sufficiently in advance. Registration within less than 72 hours (3 days) before the lesson will result in an extra fee (10 EUR). Registration within less than 24 hours (1 day) will result in an extra fee (20 EUR).

Registration and payment reserves consultant’s time. Payments are non-refundable in case of client’s absence or cancellation.

Disclaimer: Our service does not include any graphic editing of your CV/cover letter.


Camilla Higgins

Specialization: CVs and cover letters in business

Camilla is an expert in international work environments and Business English. If you’re applying for a job at a foreign company, an international corporation, or a position that simply requires English, Camilla will be your best choice.

Language: English

Camilla Higgins (USA) has graduated from the prestigious George Mason University. She is a professional English teacher with long experience gained through work with individual clients, schools and companies. She has gained experience in recruiting from both sides of the aisle. Nothing can surprise her.

Luke Darby Bartosik

Specialization: CVs and cover letters when applying for scholarships and internships abroad

If you dream of applying for an internship, scholarship or university abroad, or struggle with expanding your CV, Luke will be your best choice.

Language: English, Polish

Luke is a lawyer and philosopher. Graduate of the LL.M. in American Law program organized by The Catholic University of America  Columbus School of Law (Washington, D.C.). Fellow of the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems organized by The Fund for American Studies and Charles University in Prague (2017), the Hayek Summer Workshop organized by the Institute For Economic Policy at the Leipzig University (2018), and the Institute For Leadership in the Americas at the University of the Andes in Santiago, Chile (2019). Member of the advisory committee of the Journal of Liberty and International Affairs and former translator for the TransLegal World Law Dictionary.

Luke gained broad international experience working for an American law firm (Kurczaba & Associates, Attorneys at Law in Chicago) and the federal court in the capital of the United States (Superior Court of the District of Columbia).

J. Patrick Higgins

Specialization: CVs and cover letters in academia

If you plan an academic career, want to develop an impressive academic portfolio or apply for grants, Patrick will be a fantastic choice.

Language: English

Patrick is an interdisciplinary scholar as well as an English instructor. He specializes in topics in the fields of law, economics, history, philosophy, and political science. A graduate of George Mason University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, he has degrees in economics in sociology. Patrick is currently affiliated with the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Lodz in Poland.

Patrick has edited numerous books and articles in law, economics, history, political science and sociology. His interdisciplinary approach means he is ready to guide all kinds of aspiring academics at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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