The Center for American Studies would like to invite you to participate in a course with an experienced American forensic psychologist, Kyle Gamache, Ph.D., titled “Forensic Psychology: Everything You Need to Know”

Forensic Psychology covers a wide variety of topics, including risk assessment for future dangerousness of a suspect/convict, expert witness testimony on various topics, research focusing on criminal investigations, profiling, the insanity defense and criminal competency. You will learn about all of these topics (and more) during the course.

The course takes place in real time on Friday, June 7, 2024, between 5.30-8.30 pm (CET – Berlin/Rome/Prague/Warsaw time) online on Zoom. 

You will learn:

👉 The foundations and application of forensic risk assessment 

👉 Application of forensic research on criminal investigations and court cases

👉 How to evaluate eyewitness testimony

👉 How to question expert witness testimony

👉 The use of the insanity defense

👉 The psychological syndrome of psychopathy


Kyle Gamache
Kyle Gamache

Kyle Gamache is a professor of psychology at Roger Williams University, where he teaches courses on general psychology, risk assessment, psychotherapy, and psychopathology. He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and psychotherapist, specializing in clinical risk assessment.

Dr. Gamache conducts research on mental health and forensic psychology, presenting his studies at national and international research conferences and publishing in academic journals (recently in the prestigious journal of “Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice”).

Dr. Gamache earned his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Rhode Island. He also holds a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from Roger Williams University and a graduate certificate in counseling from Rhode Island College.

All of our courses are certified. 

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The certificate shows the number of hours so you may use it to satisfy your Continuing Education requirements as well.

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Title of the transfer: Forensic Psychology in English course - <name and surname>

Please send all of your questions to the Course Coordinator, Ms. Fatma Mejri at [email protected]

Mrs. Mejri will be happy to help.

See you online!


06.06.2024 – final deadline

199.00 EUR 1st enrollment pool until 01.06.2024
249.00 EUR 2nd enrollment pool until 04.06.2024
299.00 EUR 3rd enrollment pool until 06.06.2024

Don’t wait. The number of spots is limited!

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