The Center for American Studies would like to invite you to participate in a weekend course with an American native speaker & scholar, Prof. Lisa Elliott titled "Academic Research: Tools, Arguments & Methodology".

There is no one-size-fits-all “academic research process” that works for everyone, nor is there a single type of academic research that is appropriate for all audiences.


While there is no substitute for experience and repetition, it is possible to find one's own style and rhythm for research, improve one’s research and academic communication skills, as well as broaden one’s own horizons through exploring different types of academic research and communication. 


This is exactly what you'll learn during the "Academic Research: Tools, Arguments & Methodology" weekend course.

The course takes place on May 31 and June 1, 2024, on the intuitive Zoom platform.

Because the course is led by an open-minded interdisciplinary American scholar. Professor Lisa Elliott is a guarantee of the course being ideal to all academics, regardless of discipline. 

Moreover, the course is synchronous – contact in real time and an opportunity to ask questions will allow you to resolve any doubts you may have.


✔ You will achieve a broader understanding of the key research methods.

✔ You will master the use of research tools and techniques that will make your works pass the highest academic scrutiny in the English-speaking world.

✔ You will learn the best tools and platforms to conduct and organize your research.

✔ You will learn how to organize your research and develop your own rhythm and style.

✔ You will learn how to structure your arguments in English.


Lisa Jo Elliott
Lisa Jo Elliott

Professor Lisa Elliott received her Bachelor's in Psychology at the University of Arizona (one of the leading U.S. schools) and her Master's and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in Engineering Psychology from New Mexico State University (USA). She is an author of numerous publications in prestigious journals.

Her broad range of expertise covers methodology, data visulization, human–technology interactions, and the application of various research tools to given research problems. Prof. Elliot currently teaches data analysis and research methods courses at Pennsylvania State University. Her teaching style is friendly and student-centered.

Every participant of the course will receive a package of free materials for self-study of Academic English.

All of our courses are certified.

You will be awarded an official digital certificate signed by the Center for American Studies' President. You may then print the certificate at home, use it to apply for various academic positions, or simply post it to your LinkedIn or other professional channels.

The certificate contains the number of training hours and may be used to fulfill your duty of professional development mandated by your bar association, trade chamber, or employer.

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The fee can be made directly to our bank account in EUR:


Center For American & European Studies 

PL05 2530 0008 2022 1070 0570 0002



Transfer title: Academic English course – <first and last name of the Participant>

[Pick the OUR option for transfer charges. You are responsible for the wire transfer costs (if any occur)].

Please send all of your questions to the Course Coordinator, Mrs. Rita Tomala at [email protected]

See you online!


29.05.2024 – final deadline

89.00 EUR 1st enrollment pool until 23.05.2024
109.00 EUR 2nd enrollment pool until 26.05.2024
129.00 EUR 3rd enrollment pool until 29.05.2024

Don’t wait. The number of spots is limited!

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