Do you have great plans and even greater ambitions?
We offer a special service for young people willing to take their career to the next level.
While most of our services are tailored for professionals – lawyers, managers, translators, and academics – no one has ever been born a professional. There are no shortcuts for success. However, there are proven methods that will make it possible.

Areas of consultations and mentoring

Disclaimer: Consultations and mentorship are neither coaching nor motivational sessions. Our only coaching motto is: work smarter, not harder!
Applying to university or first job
building a career path
Selecting activities and creating an impressive CV
most popular choice!
Networking. Building a network that will benefit you in the future
First steps towards your academic career
First steps towards your own business
Applying to school/university in the United States
comprehensive consultations from A to Z!


The difference between consultations and mentoring is that they require different amounts of time. Consultations are one or a few meetings. Mentorship is a longer process, which includes meetings, email communication, setting goals, monitoring progress and cyclical evaluation.

During expert consultations we will touch upon the problem of your choice and deliver advice. Do you want to get into your dream university? Write your first academic text? Expand your CV? All of these challenges can be tackled within your consultations. We will help you deal with the most of the most difficult matters. Been there, done that.

During mentoring we will analyze your experience and achievements, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, set a goal plan, and move towards its execution. Thanks to the fact your work will be monitored and cyclically evaluated, you will stay focused on your initial goal – whether it’s starting your own business, leaving for university to the United States or developing an academic career.

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Free 15-minute consultation with one of our experts

Can’t decide on a consultant? At the Center For American Studies, the price stays the same for consultations with experts from the United States and Europe.
90 minutes Before 2 pm (CET) After 2 pm (CET)
2 (or more) times a week 49 EUR / 90 Minutes 49 EUR / 90 Minutes
1 x a week 49 EUR 49 EUR
On Saturdays 49 EUR 59 EUR
60 minutes Before 2 pm (CET) After 2 pm (CET)
2 (or more) times a week 39 EUR / 60 Minutes 39 EUR / 60 Minutes
1 x a week 39 EUR 39 EUR
On Saturdays 39 EUR 39 EUR

Choose your mentoring program and get a complex package, including setting goals, planning career path, monitoring progress and cyclical consultations.

3 meetings

Number of meetings (=number of months)

Prices when paid in advance

449 EUR

6 meetings

Number of meetings (=number of months)

Prices when paid in advance

779 EUR

9 meetings

Number of meetings (=number of months)

Prices when paid in advance

1119 EUR

12 meetings

Number of meetings (=number of months)

Prices when paid in advance

1449 EUR


Luke Darby Bartosik

Founder & President of the Center For American Studies
Specialization: building CV, applying for scholarships, internships, and university abroad

If you dream of applying for an internship, scholarship or university abroad, or struggle with expanding your CV, Luke will be your best choice.

Languages: English, Polish

Luke is a lawyer and philosopher. Graduate of the LL.M. in American Law program organized by The Catholic University of America  Columbus School of Law (Washington, D.C.). Fellow of the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems organized by The Fund for American Studies and Charles University in Prague (2017), the Hayek Summer Workshop organized by the Institute For Economic Policy at the Leipzig University (2018), and the Institute For Leadership in the Americas at the University of the Andes in Santiago, Chile (2019).

Luke gained broad international experience working for an American law firm (Kurczaba & Associates, Attorneys at Law in Chicago) and the federal court in the capital of the United States (Superior Court of the District of Columbia).

J. Patrick Higgins

Multidisciplinary academic and English instructor
Specialization: developing academic career

If you plan an academic career, want to develop an impressive academic portfolio or apply for grants, Patrick will be a fantastic choice. 

Language: English

Patrick is an interdisciplinary scholar as well as an English instructor. He specializes in topics in the fields of law, economics, history, philosophy, and political science. A graduate of George Mason University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, he has degrees in economics in sociology. Patrick is currently affiliated with the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Lodz in Poland.

Patrick has edited numerous books and articles in law, economics, history, political science, and sociology. His interdisciplinary approach means he is ready to guide all kinds of aspiring academics at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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